15 year old Entrepreneur, Just Two Years In Business, Has Sales Of $1.2 million

A 15 year old Entrepreneur who made $1.2 million?

In 2006, when Maddie Robinson was just 8 years old, she had the idea to create a brand of flip flops that would combine her love for swimming, fishing and drawing. She called them Fish Flops™. She shared her idea with her friends and family and they all smiled and thought I had created something special. 

But, it didn’t stop there. With her imagination and vision and helped by her father Dan, a former banker, she turned drawings into a product and got samples made. Launched with “friends and family” financing, at the age of 13, Maddie had started a business. She brought her product to market, exhibiting at a trade show, and more than 30 stores placed orders.

Now the company sells to 60 Nordstrom stores nationwide. Macy’s has asked Maddie to design a line for women.  Retailing for about $20 a pair, over 60,000 pairs of her Flip Flops were sold in 2012 creating retail sales of $1.2 million. Products will soon be available directly online from FlipFlopShops.com.And it looks like this 15 year old Entrepreneur might have even greater success!

To read more about this click on the link to Adrienne Burke’s blog, “Profit Minded”.  http://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/advisor/blogs/profit-minded/15-old-entrepreneur-got-her-product-nordstrom-233738356.html

photo credit: Child Entrepreneur Lemonade Stand 50 Cents Each Qiqi Lourdie June 24, 20111 via photopin (license)

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