Are Times Tough for Your Business? Part 2: Creating Competitive Advantage in Tough Times.

At the first hint of a bad economy, many small businesses panic and run for cover, slash their advertising and cut their sales budgets.  Don’t yield to this temptation. This is probably what your competitors are doing.  If they are, then you practically have the field to yourself.  As your competitors make themselves invisible, grab the chance to stand out and be noticed. Businesses that advertise during tough times usually take market share away from businesses that don’t. Tough times may be the best time to launch an advertising blitz to gain market share. Advertising agencies will be eager to get whatever business they can, so you may be able to negotiate better rates and terms. Tough times are good times to get noticed.

Your strategy should be: Stand Out And Be Noticed.  Make yourself look bigger than your competition.  Mark Twain, arguably the best known writer in America, had something to say about this that still holds true over 120 years later:  “Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.”


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