Are Times Tough for Your Business? Part 3: It’s Customers That Shape Your Business.

Without customers, there is simply no reason for your business to continue to operate. More to the point, without customers you will ultimately be out of business. For every business, the rationale is to attract customers then provide products and services to those customers. To attract more customers, your mission should be to go beyond merely satisfying your customers but delighting them!

When you’re selling, your focus should be on your customer and your customer’s needs and your customer’s wants. Think of the selling process in terms of helping customers find solutions that will help them achieve their objectives. But first, you must find out what the customer wants, what the customer needs, what the customer cares about, and what objectives the customer is trying to achieve. A delighted customer assures a steady stream of revenues for you, plus that powerful marketing strategy: positive word-of-mouth.

Your strategy should be: Focus on your Customer’s Needs and Wants.   Michael LeBoeuf, management professor and author of the book: How to Win Customers and Keep them for Life tells us, A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”

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