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Why I Do What I Do?

We recently held our annual B2B CFO® partners’ meeting.  As always, it was very informative and beneficial.  The experiences and training cannot be found anywhere else.  The unity and passion for our clients is unequaled. In that regard, we have a newly updated website and on the home page is the video “Does Our Why… Read more »

30 ways to get paid within 30 days: No.30

Originality, Creativeness, And Other Synonyms

Way to get paid #30: Be Enterprising and Relentless: We’ll conclude with another tale from Tracy Wald’s adventures in collecting. Wald has actually gone so far as to look up home numbers in the phone book and contact delinquent payers at home. He says he’s called at “ridiculous hours” of the day. “Those are measures… Read more »